A-Level Chemistry revision notes

A-Level (A2/AS) Chemistry revision notes providing information and assistance across all examination boards including AQA, CIE, OCR, Edexcel, Eduqas & WJEC. Chemistry is a complicated A-Level with a lot of content and information to work through. We have put together some of the best revision notes and learning materials to hopefully make sitting your Chemistry A-Levels a little bit easier and stress-free.

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Mole Calculation Questions

SECTION A 1. Iodate ions in the presence of acid oxidise sulphite ions to sulphate ions. Which one of the following equations correctly represents this reaction? A IO3- + 2SO32- + 2H+ I2 + 2SO42- + H2O B 2IO3- + SO32- + 2H+ I2 + SO42- + H2O C 2IO3- + 5SO32- + 2H+ I2 ...

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Molar Volume of Gases

Section A 1. 10 cm3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon needed 30 cm3 of oxygen for complete combustion and 20 cm3 of carbon dioxide were produced. What is the molecular formula of the hydrocarbon? A CH4 B C2H2 C C2H4 D C2H6 2. What mass of iodine will be produced if 200 cm3 of chlorine gas ...

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Mole and Equations

CALCULATIONS FROM EQUATIONS Amounts of substances, the mole , molar mass, molar volume of gases (24 litre/dm3) at room temperature and pressure, the Avogadro constant and their use in calculations. (Determination of the Avogadro constant is not required.) A major problem confronting a chemist when carrying out reactions is to try and understand what they ...

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