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A-Level Chemistry Revision

Our A Level Chemistry revision guides have been created specifically for each of the main examination boards, AQA, CIE, OCR, Edexcel, Eduqas & WJEC. Choose your exam board below to access the free sample notes, as well as the full, premium quality, revision notes that will help you to secure the best possible marks in your A-Level Chemistry exams.

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It’s time to prepare for your A-level chemistry exam. Don’t be daunted by the volume of material you need to go through or anything you may not know 100% yet, that’s where we at A-level Chemistry come in with loads of revision notes of your coursework no matter if it’s AQA, OCR or EdExcel. We’ve got revision notes that will help you familiarize yourself with the major themes and topics that tend to come up in the exams so you’ll feel prepared and confident before you enter the exam hall.

To make the most of revision notes, whether you’re making your own or using ours, keep reading to learn top tips that will facilitate deep learning. Let’s get started:

When revising, make sure you’ve allocated enough time to go through all your coursework at least four times. Without proper planning, you could end up skimming or skipping sections, losing sleep and stressing yourself out. Create a timetable that will give you sufficient time to dedicate to each topic and stick to it.

Effective retention and recall are based on your ability to create strong associations. If you rely on only one way to recall information, if you hit a mental block you’re unable to retrieve it. By adding things like colour, symbols, diagrams, keywords, patterns or doodles, you create much stronger connections in your brain and multiple routes to the same information. A word of caution though - don’t fall into the procrastination trap of making your revision notes the prettiest in the world. Do what’s necessary to remember, then move on.

While on the topic of procrastination, don’t give in to distractions or urges to suddenly tidy your room and pair all of your socks. Procrastination often comes from a deeper place. Are you avoiding revision because you feel overwhelmed? Are you afraid of performing badly in your exam? Is it because you’re intimidated by how much you still need to learn? Are you bored? Address where your urge to procrastinate is coming from and then get back to the books.

Keep in mind that your brain is like a sponge and that it takes time to process information. Limit your revision sessions to between 40 to 60 minutes and then stretch your legs and take a break for 10 minutes. It’s also important to do more than just read as you’ll soon lose focus. Include other activities like note-taking or mind mapping to keep you engaged.

Whether you use revision guides like ours or choose to make your own, science has proven that one of the best things to do for learning is to sleep on it. Sleep helps to process information and transfer it from the short-term to the long-term memory, which is why planning is so important to A-level chemistry success.

We’re not going to wish you good luck with your revision, because luck’s got nothing to do with it, thorough preparation does, and we’re confident that between our revision notes and your brains, you’ll do just great! Let’s get started.

Exam Boards

Whichever exam board you are studying A-Level Chemistry for, our materials are suitable for use with the most recent specification.

Revision Materials

Our team has worked hard to produce the most comprehensive A-Level Chemistry revision kit possible. We provide condensed, easy-to-understand revision notes for each exam board, practice exam question booklets, mindmap visual aids, interactive quizzes, PowerPoint presentations and a library of past papers directly from the exam boards.


Over 800+ quiz questions, covering the major exam boards, to put your revision to the test and fully prepare for your A-Level Chemistry exams.

Mind Maps

54 A-Level Chemistry mindmap diagrams designed to condense the information, visualise the topic, and use whole brain thinking to clarify your thoughts and ace your exams!

Revision Notes

A-Level (A2/AS) Chemistry revision notes covering information and assistance across all examination boards including AQA, CIE, OCR, Edexcel, Eduqas & WJEC.

Past Papers

A comprehensive list of past papers to practise your exam question answers and highlight revision topics you need to work on.