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Edexcel 3

Welcome to your Edexcel 3

A catalyst has no effect on the...
If Kc is small, we say the equilibrium favours the...
The formation of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen is exothermic. Under equilibrium, what change would increase the yield of ammonia the most?
Which of the following is true about catalysts?
I. They lower the activation energy
II. They increase product yield in equilibrium reactions
III. They increase the equilibrium constant
In the Haber process, the maximum yield is achieved by...
Which of the following do not affect the value of Kp?
I. Temperature
II. Pressure
III. Concentration
Both the position of equilibrium and the value of Kc or Kp will change if...
A mixture has a total pressure 2kPa, contains 0.2 mol of nitrogen and 0.6 mol oxygen. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen gas in the mixture?
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Assuming complete dissociation, what is the pH of 0.5M potassium hydroxide (KOH)?
What is an acidic buffer is made of?
Which of the following statements is correct?
I. Ethalpy of neutralisation of weak acids is more exothermic
II. Methyl orange is best used with strong acid titrations
III. Strong acids partially dissociate
Which of the following is the definition of a Bronsted-Lowry acid?
A strong acid at pH 3 is diluted 100 times its original volume. What is most likely to be its pH after dilution?
Which of the following orders is correct such that the first compound has the most negative lattice enthalpy and the last one has the least negative?
First electron affinity values will become less exothermic as you go...
What causes difference in theoretical and Born-Harber lattice enthalpies?
What can be said about entropy change when solid ammonium chloride decomposes to ammonia and hydrogen chloride gas?
Which of the following increases the polarising power of cation?
(i) The positive ion has multiple charges
(ii) The positive ion is small
What material is used as the electrode of standard hydrogen electrode (SHE)?
Which of the following statements is true?
Which of the following is usually used for making a salt bridge?
To make the electrode a standard reference electrode, hydrogen gas must be at a pressure of...
A fuel cell uses the energy from the reaction of a fuel with oxygen to create...
Which of the following can cause a colour change in compounds of a transient element?
I. Ligand
II. Coordination number
III. Oxidation state