CIE Physical Chemistry Quizz 2

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Enthalpy changes of combustion of carbon monoxide,hydrogen and methanol are given as -283kJ/mol and -286 kJ/mol and -671kJ/mol respectively. What is the heat of reaction of formation of methanol from carbon monoxide and hydrogen?
Which of the following statement is true about C-H bond?
I. Bond energy of C-H is not same for all C-H bonds
II. Bond beaking energy is positive
III. C-H bond is polar
Calorimetery is usually used to find out:
Which of the following order is correct such that first compound has most negetive lattice enthalpy and last one has least negetive?
What causes difference in theoretical and Born Haber lattice enthalpies?
What can be said about entropy change when solid ammonium chloride decomposes to ammonia and hydrogen chloride gas?
Enthalpy change for a reaction is independent of the route by which the chemical change takes place. This statement is the definition of
Oxidation number of Carbon in carbonate ion is?
All uncombined elements have an oxidation number of
Iron reacts with hydrochloric acid to form iron(II)chloride and hydrogen gas. Which of the following is true about iron in this reaction?
What material is used as electrode of standard hydrogen electrode (SHE)?
Which of the following statement is true?
To make the electrode a standard reference electrode, hydrogen gas must be at a pressure of
Which of the following is usually used for making a salt bridge
Which of the following affect the Ecell?
I. Concentration
II. Temperature