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AQA Organic Chemistry 2

Welcome to your AQA Organic Chemistry 2

What is optical isomerism a type of?
Which of the following causes the formation of a silver mirror when Tollens' reagent is added to it?
What is the product when sodium tetrahydridoborate is added to propanone in aqueous ethanol?
What happens when Fehling's solution is added to butanone?
Which of the following is the correct order starting from weakest acid to strongest acid?
Pentanoic acid reacts with propan-1-ol in the presence of acid to form what?
What type of organic compound is biodiesel?
By what mechanism is benzene converted to nitrobenzene?
What shape is a benzene molecule?
Which of the following is correct about phenol?
I. It acts like an alcohol
II. It is acidic
III. The O-H bond is weaker than a C-O bond
Which of the following is the strongest base?
Ammonia dissolved in ethanol is reacted with excess halogenoalkane. What is most likely to be the end product of the reaction?
What is the product of the reaction between methylamine and ethanoic anhydride?
Which of the following is a polyester?
Which of the following statements is correct?
I. Polyamide is biodegradable
II. Poly(ethene) is biodegradable
III. Polyester is a condensation polymer
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
What is an alpha helix?
What are sulphur bridges are found in?
What is a molecule blocking the active site of an enzyme called?
What is the product of oxidation of aldehydes?
What is the product of a reaction between acyl chloride and alcohol?
How many peaks of C-13 NMR are there for 2-methylbutane?
Which of the following is true about tetramethylsilane?
I. It is non toxic
II. It shows one peak on H-NMR
III. It has Low Boining point
How many equivalent H atoms are there in 2-bromobutane with reference to H-NMR?
What is the state of the stationary phase in thin-layer chromatography?
What is HPLC i (High performance liquid chromatography) a type of?