Edexcel 2

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Ethanol and methoxymethane are isomers of each other. What type of isomers are they?
What is the mechanism of formation of chloroalkanes from alkanes?
What is the product when 1-Bromo-3-methylbutane is reacted with KCN in an ethanol/water mixture?
Which of the following is a correct condition of industrial hydration of alkenes?
Which of the following compounds gives propanone when heated under reflux with excess potassium dichromate?
What is the cause of different peaks in the mass spectrum of a molecule?
The charge on the molecular ion in the mass spectrum is_________?
What is the threshold wavenumber beyond which the fingerprint region starts in an IR spectrum?
Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
In an exothermic reaction, the products have what energy compared to the reactants?
Enthalpy changes of combustion of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methanol are given as -283kJ/mol and -286 kJ/mol and -671kJ/mol respectively. What is the heat of reaction of the formation of methanol from carbon monoxide and hydrogen?
Calorimetry is usually used to find out:
Hess’s law is a version of the first law of thermodynamics, which is that energy is always conserved
What can be said about the enthalpy change of neutralisation?
Which of the following statements is true about the C-H bond?
I. The bond energy of C-H is not same for all C-H bonds
II. Bond-beaking energy is positive
III. The C-H bond is polar
The area under a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution represents:
What change causes the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution curve to shift to the right?
What is the effect of a catalyst on activation energy?
What is the effect of increasing surface area on the rate of a reaction?
A change in the concentration of a substance in unit time is defined as?
Which of the following statements about catalysts is correct?
I. They increase atom economy
II. They increase the rate of reaction
III. They increase the activation energy
What is the unit of the equilibrium constant for the equilibrium of a reaction between chlorine and hydrogen gas to form hydrogen chloride gas?
Dynamic equilibrium occurs when forward and backward reactions occur at?
Le Chatelier’s principle states that if an external condition is changed, the equilibrium will shift to oppose the...
A stage 2 reaction of a contact process is exothermic. What would increase the product yield?