CIE Physical Chemistry Quizz 4

Welcome to your CIE Physical Chemistry Quizz 4

Both the position of equilibrium and the value of Kc or Kp will change if
A mixture with total pressure 2kPa, contains 0.2 mol of nitrigen and 0.6 mol oxygen. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen gas in the mixture?
Which of the following do not affect the value of Kp?
I. Temperature
II. Pressure
III. Concentration
What is affect of increasing Kp on equilibrium of a reaction?
Rate of a reaction is not affected by change in concentration of a reactant X. What is order of the reaction with repect to X?
A reaction is 1st order with repect to reactant X and 2nd order with respect to reactant Y. If concentration of X is doubled and concentration of Y is trippled by what factor has the rate increased?
Reaction rate increases 9 times by trippling the concentration of reactant A. What is the order of the reaction with respect to A?
Area under a maxwell boltzman distribution represents:
What change causes maxwell boltzman distribution curve to shift to right?
What is the effect of catalyst on activation energy?
What is the effect of increasing surface area on the rate of a reaction?