CIE Physical Chemistry Quizz 3

Welcome to your CIE Physical Chemistry Quizz 3

All uncombined elements have an oxidation number of
If the oxidising agent in an experiment is Bromine water, then it can be classified as?
When sulphur dioxide is formed from sulphate ions, what is the change in oxidation number of sulphur?
Which of the following is true about hydrogen fuel cell?
What happens to a reactant in disproportionation reaction?
Oxidation number of Carbon in carbonate ion is?
What is the unit of equilibrium constant for the equilibrium of reation between chlorine and hydrogen gas to form hydrogen chloride gas?
Dynamic equilibrium occurs when forward and backward reactions are occurring at
Le Chatelier’s principle states that if an external condition is changed the equilibrium will shift to oppose the
Stage 2 reaction of contact process is exothermic. What would increase the product yield?
A catalyst has no effect on the
If Kc is small we say the equilibrium favours the
Formation of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen is exothermic. Under equilibrium what change would increase yield of ammonia the most?
Which of the following is true about catalysts?
In haber process the maximum yield is achieved by